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Discover ThermOmegaTech’s complete line of quality, self-actuating,
thermostatic valves for a variety of plumbing applications including:

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CircuitSolver® Thermometer Assembly
Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valves offered with a Thermometer Assembly
for seamless integration into domestic hot water systems (DHWS)

CircuitSolver valves are now available with a temperature gauge.

The thermometer assembly can be purchased independently as an added accessory to CircuitSolver® valves in your system or integrated into any CircuitSolver® configuration for effortless installation. Every integrated design is fully assembled and tested for actuator accuracy and leak points before leaving our facility.


  • Monitors system temperature with an easy-to-read dial
  • Available with any CircuitSolver® configuration or independently 
  • Sizes include 1/2″, 3/4″ &  1”
  • Measures water temperatures 50°F – 300°F (10°C – 149°C)



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