The right hot water … any fixture, any time

CircuitSolver CS Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve for domestic hot water systems DHWSSpecial to Plumbing Engineer from ThermOmegaTech

Many buildings require multiple branches off the hot water supply line. Water flows to the path of least resistance. Hot water use is hyper-dynamic, so the path of least resistance constantly changes. Because flow rates often have to be set much higher than “optimum,” manual balancing valves or constant flow balancing valves cannot effectively resolve these issues.

ThermOmegaTech has a solution. By installing Circuit Solver at the end of each hot water supply branch before it connects back into the return, you are assured of having the right water temperature at all times. This allows for the right temperature of hot water to be made available at any hot water fixture in a building, regardless of the time of day.

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