ThermOmegaTech, Inc. Self-Actuated Valves

Discover ThermOmegaTech’s complete line of quality, self-actuating,
thermostatic valves for a variety of plumbing applications including:

CircuitSolver CSUA-PP Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve for domestic hot water systems (DHWS)

CircuitSolver® Union Assembly ProPress®
Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve
with union body, ball valves, and Viega Propress® ends
for domestic hot water systems (DHWS)


  • Sizes include ½”, ¾” &  1”
  • All Stainless Steel – Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • High thrust actuator keeps orifice free of debris
  • Union with integrated O-ring for a hand-tightened, leak-free seal
  • Optional check valve built into the body
  • 2 M/F ball valves assembled and leak tested
  • Easy to install into ProPress® systems
  • Viega® Smart Connect technology aids installers in identifying unpressed ends
  • Never fully closes, some water always passing through
  • Long service life and 3-year warranty



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ThermOmegaTech, Inc. Self-Actuated Valves
Embrace the Technology Thermostatic Valve Made in the USA