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Discover ThermOmegaTech’s complete line of quality, self-actuating,
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Circuit Solver® with ProPress Ends Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve for domestic hot water systems (DHWS)

CircuitSolver® with ProPress
Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valves offered with Viega ProPress® ends
for seamless integration into ProPress domestic hot water systems (DHWS)

The CircuitSolver® technology you rely on to automatically and continuously balance your domestic hot water system has never been easier!

For seamless installation, operation, and maintenance, CircuitSolver® with ProPress combines CircuitSolver’s efficient and reliable domestic hot water balancing technology with Viega ProPress ends for improved ease of installation.
To ensure complete peace of mind, each and every unit is fully assembled and tested for actuator accuracy and leak points before leaving our facility.


  • ProPress ends are available with any CircuitSolver® configuration
  • Easy to install into ProPress systems
  • Viega® Smart Connect technology easily identifies unpressed connection points
  • Valves are stainless steel – corrosion resistant construction
  • High thrust actuator keeps orifice free of debris
  • Never fully closes, some water always passing through
  • Long service life and 3-year warranty

Circuit Solvers with ProPress Ends

Valve Options

  • Sizes include 1/2″, 3/4″ &  1” for all styles
  • Standard CS adds  1 1/2″, 1 1/4″ &  2”
  • Union with integrated O-ring for a leak-free seal
  • Check valve built into the body
  • 2 M/F ball valves assembled and leak tested
  • Integrated strainer
  • Thermometer



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