CircuitSolver® Specs

Typical Specs

Furnish and install CircuitSolver® as indicated on the plans. CircuitSolver® shall be self-contained and fully automatic without additional piping or control mechanisms. Valve shall be a CircuitSolver® as manufactured by ThermOmegaTech®, Inc. CircuitSolver® shall regulate the flow of recirculated domestic hot water based on water temperature entering the valve regardless of system operating pressure. As the water temperature increases the valve proportionally closes dynamically adjusting flow to meet the specified temperature.

CircuitSolver® body and all internal components shall be constructed of stainless steel with major components constructed of type 303 stainless steel. CircuitSolver® shall be rated to 200 PSIG maximum working pressure and 250°F (121°C) maximum working temperature. The thermal actuator inside the valve shall be spring loaded and self cleaning, delivering closing thrust sufficient to keep orifice opening free of scale deposits. All CircuitSolver® valve are NSF-61 certified for use in all domestic water systems. Installation of CircuitSolver® valve shall be made by qualified tradesmen in each domestic hot water return piping branch beyond last hot water device in that branch. Refer to the submittals above for additional specs.

Recirculation Pump Size Selection

For recirculation pump sizing, CircuitSolver® allows the pump(s) to be sized exactly without any need to oversize to account for typical manual balancing problems. ThermOmegaTech® recommends using established industry standard pump sizing procedures. For example, the ASPE Design Handbook and ASHRAE Handbook both have established methods for recirculation pump sizing. To aid in calculating the pressure loss across the CircuitSolver® valve, refer to the following guidelines, CircuitSolver® Design Guide.

When we install CircuitSolver®s, it corrects the client’s hot water circulation problems, and everything operates as it’s designed. We are going to keep installing them.

— Jason Putnam - Douglas ORR Plumbing