Circuit Solver Balancing Valve A ThermOmegaTech Product



Typical Specification

Furnish and install CircuitSolver® as indicated on the plans. CircuitSolver® shall be self-contained and fully automatic without additional piping or control mechanisms. Valve shall be a CircuitSolver® as manufactured by ThermOmegaTech®, Inc. Refer to the submittals above for additional information.

Recirculation Pump Size Selection

For recirculation pump sizing, CircuitSolver® allows the pump(s) to be sized exactly without any need to oversize to account for typical manual balancing problems. ThermOmegaTech® recommends using established industry standard pump sizing procedures. For example, the ASPE Design Handbook and ASHRAE Handbook both have established methods for recirculation pump sizing. To aid in calculating the pressure loss across the CircuitSolver® valve, refer to the following guidelines, CircuitSolver® Design Guide.

Watch how easily JL Uhrich and Co. installed CircuitSolver® at The Berks Center for Digestive Health:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lauren Berenato, Commercial Plumbing Channel Manager/Sales Engineer, at

Quote by André Renaud - Mental Health University Institute of Quebec By eliminating the conventional method of using fixed flow balancing valves and installing CircuitSolver®s instead we were able to resolve our lack of hot water in some sectors of the hospital issue instantly.
— André Renaud - Mental Health University Institute of Quebec
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