ThermOmegaTech, Inc. Self-Actuated Valves

Plumbing Products

Discover ThermOmegaTech’s complete line of quality, self-actuating, thermostatic valves for a variety of plumbing applications.

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CircuitSolver® Balancing Valves

Circuit Solver CS Balancing Valve
Circuit Solver CSU Balancing Valve
CircuitSolver® Union
Circuit Solver CSUA Balancing Valve
CircuitSolver® Union Assembly
Circuit Solver CSUAS Balancing Valve
CircuitSolver® Union Assembly with Strainer
CircuitSolver® with ProPress® Plumbing Solutions
CircuitSolver® with ProPress®
CircuitSolver® Thermometer Assembly Plumbing Solutions
CircuitSolver® Thermometer Assembly


Plumbing Products Circuit Solver® Sanitary Flush Valve
CircuitSolver® Sanitary Flush Valve

Drain Tempering Valves

Plumbing Products DTV Drain Tempering Valve

Emergency Safety Shower Water Heater

Plumbing Products ESS Emergency Safety Shower Water Heater

Quote by Richard Parker – Pan-Pacific Mechanical CircuitSolver® makes balancing the system so easy. We don’t have to manually set each line or make any adjustments. We have had absolutely no balancing issues since we started up the system.

— Richard Parker – Pan-Pacific Mechanical

Embrace the Technology Thermostatic Valve Made in the USA