Matt Trevino – DBR Engineering

“Circuit Solver® is a game changer in balancing DHWS and I would definitely use it as a standard in future projects.”

Matt Trevino – DBR Engineering

Circuit Solver Balancing Valve A ThermOmegaTech Product


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What is the GPM when the valve is closed?

What is the full open flow rate of CircuitSolver®?

What is the highest temperature CircuitSolver® can handle?

Is CircuitSolver® certified to NSF 61 or Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code requirements?

Is CircuitSolver® certified to the Massachusetts Board of Approval requirements?

What warranty is offered with the valve? What is the life-cycle?

I need to flush and sanitize my lines, will CircuitSolver® be able to handle the high temperatures?

My lines are prone to calcium buildup, will CircuitSolver® clog?

Do I need to use a strainer with CircuitSolver®?

What materials are used to produce CircuitSolver®?

Does CircuitSolver® have any professional certifications?

How do you size CircuitSolver® for the recirculation system?

How do you select the correct setpoint for CircuitSolver®?

How do you size the recirculation pump when using CircuitSolver®?

Are there existing installations where CircuitSolver® is working?

Does CircuitSolver® shut off tightly?

How do you recommend installing CircuitSolver®?

How much does it cost?

Discover how CircuitSolver® will make a significant difference in performance, savings and durability for your building’s domestic hot water system. To learn more about CircuitSolver® and its application in your projects, please contact Lauren Berenato, Commercial Plumbing Channel Manager/Engineer, at


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