Circuit Solver Balancing Valve A ThermOmegaTech Product

How it Works

DHWS Domestic Hot Water Systems

CircuitSolver® completely eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive manual balancing procedures and equipment. It is a self-actuating, in-line, thermostatic recirculation valve which automatically and continuously adjusts flow to maintain the specified temperature at the end of each domestic hot water supply line.

The thermal actuator inside CircuitSolver® modulates the valve between open and closed in response to changing water temperature caused by heat loss, water demand, or any other reason. This constant, automatic response to water temperature enables each hot water branch to quickly and consistently deliver the right temperature of hot water to each connected fixture. It also minimizes flow through the system by only allowing water that cools below the set point to flow to the return, eliminating the need for oversized recirculation pumps which cause system wear and waste energy.

Quote by Robert Albanese – The Austonian It was taking over a minute and a half to get hot water, and now it’s down to 15-20 seconds…also a huge conservation of water…it was a fairly simply retrofit.

— Robert Albanese – The Austonian
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