A Simple Dynamic Solution for Balancing Multi-Loop Domestic Hot Water Systems

Balancing Loop Domestic Hot Water Systems CircuitSolverOne of the major headaches for engineers and contractors in today’s complicated construction projects is properly balancing a multi-loop domestic hot water system (DHWS). Getting these systems properly balanced initially and having them stay balanced over the life of the building has, until now, been nearly an impossible job.

Furthermore, with today’s emphasis on more efficient building design and better operation and management, many practices of the past are no longer adequate or acceptable. No process or system can be ignored when looking for improvements. Even the seemingly simple task of supplying domestic hot water to all areas of a building requires another look to ensure that the most current and efficient methods are being employed.

In this article, we are going to take a look at DHWS, how balancing a system works, and what some of the newest trends and technologies have to offer.

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By Edward Saltzberg, P.E., CPD, FPE, FASPE & FNAFE