Balancing From Coast to Coast

CircuitSolver CS Self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve for domestic hot water systems DHWSFor nearly a decade, Circuit Solver has exceeded the standard for balancing domestic hot water systems. The thermostatic self-actuating balancing valve controls temperature and ensures hot water is delivered consistently to all fixtures without the need for manual balancing. The simple design combined with the unique technology of the valve has transformed the future of domestic hot water balancing. To date, there are thousands of Circuit Solvers installed in buildings across the country with more being spec’d into projects every day. More and more contractors are realizing the convenience the valve creates by eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive manual balancing labor and equipment.

ThermOmegaTech interviewed a few contractors to hear about their experiences using Circuit Solver. Below are the responses from three plumbing contractors: E.M. Duggan Inc, Pan-Pacific Mechanical, and Production Plus Plumbing Inc.

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