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Embrace the Technology

Embrace the Technology CircuitSolver Domestic Hot Water Balancing Made in the USA

Watch this 60-second video about
the future of domestic hot water balancing

Valuable Reasons
Why CircuitSolver®
Is More Effective
Balancing Domestic
Hot Water Systems
Domestic Hot Water Balancing Systems

Designed and manufactured in the United States, this advanced self-actuating technology threatens to disrupt traditional hot water balancing practice because it enables plumbing designers, engineers and contractors to install a CircuitSolver® valve at the end of each branch and watch the system balance itself.  This thermostatic valve automatically controls the hot water flow (see illustration) ensuring hot water is delivered consistently to all faucets without the need for manual balancing.

Quote by Ron Miller – Adelphia Plumbing We had a very complicated apartment restoration involving 47 risers. CircuitSolver® saved a lot of time, installed easily, used smaller recirculation pumps to save energy & wear and continues performing well.

— Ron Miller – Adelphia Plumbing
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