How To Specify

  1. Furnish and install as indicated on the plans, Circuit Solver in the domestic hot water piping. Circuit Solver shall be self contained and fully automatic without additional piping or control mechanisms. Valve shall be Circuit Solver as manufactured by ThermOmegaTech or equivalent.
    1. Circuit Solver shall regulate the flow of recirculated domestic hot water based on water temperature entering Circuit Solver regardless of system operating pressure.
      1. When fully closed Circuit Solver shall bypass a minimum flow to maintain dynamic control of the recirculating loop and provide a means for system sanitizing.
      2. Circuit Solver shall be factory adjustable from 105F (40.5C) to 140F (60C) as required by project conditions.  (other setpoints available, consult factory)
        1. Circuit Solver shall modulate between open and closed position within a 10F (5.5C) range.
      3. Circuit Solver shall be available in sizes ranging from ½ inch NPT to 2″ NPT.
  2. Circuit Solver body and all internal components shall be constructed of stainless steel with major components constructed of type 303 stainless steel.
    1. Circuit Solver sizes ½ inch through 2 inch shall be rated to 200 PSIG maximum working pressure.
      1. All Circuit Solvers shall be standard tapered female pipe thread, NPT.
    2. All Circuit Solvers shall be rated to 300F (148.9C) maximum working temperature.
    3. Circuit Solver shall be ANSI/AWWA C800 compliant.
    4. All Circuit Solvers shall be NSF-61 certified with zero lead content for use in all domestic water systems.
    5. Thermal actuator shall be spring operated and self cleaning, delivering closing thrust sufficient to keep orifice opening free of scale deposits.
      1. Thermal actuator shall be rated for a minimum of 200,000 cycles.
  3. Installation of Circuit Solver shall be made by qualified tradesmen. Install Circuit Solver in each domestic hot water return piping branch beyond last hot water device in that branch.
    1. Provide suitable line size isolation valves, unions, and other components as indicated in piping detail shown on the drawings.
    2. Provide suitable access panel as required in non-accessible ceilings and walls.

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