Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the GPM when the valve is closed?
What is the full open flow rate of Circuit Solver?
What is the highest temperature Circuit Solver can handle?
Is Circuit Solver certified to NSF 61 or California AB1953 requirements?
What warranty is offered with the valve? What is the life-cycle?
I need to flush and sanitize my lines, will Circuit Solver be able to handle the high temperatures?
My lines are prone to calcium buildup, will Circuit Solver clog?
Do I need to use a strainer with Circuit Solver?
What materials are used to produce Circuit Solver?
Does Circuit Solver have any professional certifications?
How do you size Circuit Solver for the recirculation system?
How do you select the correct setpoint for Circuit Solver?
How do you size the recirculation pump when using Circuit Solver?
Are there existing installations were this Circuit Solver is working?
Does Circuit Solver shut off tightly?
How do you recommend installing Circuit Solver?
How much does it cost?