ThermOmegaTech, Inc. Self-Actuated Valves

Discover ThermOmegaTech’s complete line of quality, self-actuating,
thermostatic valves for a variety of plumbing applications including:

ESS Emergency Safety Shower Water Heater
Emergency Safety Shower &
Eyewash Station Water Heater
The ESS water heater is a packaged system designed to
meet the requirements of ANSI Z358.1-2014 for tepid water
delivery to an emergency drench system.



  • Heavy duty carbon steel tank
  • Internally lined with 1/2″ thick Hydrastone cement to ensure tank longevity when operating at elevated temperatures.
  • Fully insulated with 3″ thick polyurethane foam to minimize stand-by heat loss.
  • Packaged System includes Therm-O-Mix®/WWM, all electrical operating controls, and dial gauge.
  • The pressure sensing controller with a valve actuator on the Therm-O-Mix®/WWM includes a safety override feature that continuously senses the final mixed water temperature to keep the final water temperature from overheating.
  • Full five (5) year non pro-rated tank warrant


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ThermOmegaTech, Inc. Self-Actuated Valves
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