Circuit Solver by ThermOmegaTech is the “Silver Bullet” for your domestic hot water (DHW) system. Our self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve controls temperature and ensures hot water is delivered consistently to all faucets without the need for manual balancing.
Circuit Solver Balancing Valve
Circuit Solver is a self-actuating thermostatic recirculation valve which automatically and continuously adjusts flow to maintain the specified temperature at the end of each domestic hot water supply line. This simple inline valve completely eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive manual balancing procedures and equipment. By allowing only water that actually cools below the set point to flow to the return, Circuit Solver also eliminates the need for oversized recirculation pumps which cause system wear and waste energy.

Circuit Solver Union (CSU) Balancing Valve
Circuit Solver Union (CSU) adds a union with an optional check valve built into the body of the Circuit Solver. This innovation reduces the number of components to be installed and minimizes potential leak points. The stainless steel union features an integrated O-ring for a hand-tightened, leak-free seal.

Circuit Solver Assembly (CSUA) incorporates all of the components typically specified with a balancing valve into a single package by adding a pair of ball valves to the CSU. The ball valves feature Male x Female connections to minimize potential leak points, making it the simplest and most efficient valve to install.

Circuit Solver Assembly (CSUA) Balancing Valve

Circuit Solver Assembly with Strainer (CSUAS) includes an integrated strainer within the assembly. This option is beneficial for water systems with particulate/dirt problems when a strainer is not already used upstream.
Circuit Solver Assembly with Strainer (CSUAS) Balancing Valve

By installing any of the Circuit Solver products at the end of each hot water supply branch before it connects back into the return, you are assured of having the right water temperature at all times.

Circuit Solver Balancing Valve

Circuit Solver Balancing Valve